Hands-on Math:

Activities for the Elementary Classroom

This page describes activities in geometry, number patterns and topology that have been extensively tested on students in a public elementary school.


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About Hands-On Math

These pages describe activities I've developed as part of a math enrichment program for grades one through six at the West Kearns Elementary School in Utah. The program is now in its third year, and has been well received by teachers, students, and parents. The purposes of the program are to show children that mathematics can be fun, and to help them build confidence in their mathematical abilities.

These lessons are designed for an entire class, although they could be adapted for smaller groups. Most lessons take approximately 25 minutes. All are introductory in that they assume no prior knowledge of the topic other than what is in the basic curriculum for that grade level.

I have taught these lessons to every class in the elementary school I work in. The lessons have been equally successful with access and accel students. Frequently I find students who are not successful academically are able to solve the problems I present.

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Most of my ideas come from books on recreational mathematics, in particular those by Martin Gardner. I also recommend books by educator Marilyn Burns.

All of the lesson plans described in these pages are my own.

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I'd like to thank Dr. Nancy Sorensen and the teachers and staff of West Kearns Elementary School for their support in developing and running this math enrichment program.

How to get in touch with Janine

If you'd like to send me e-mail, my address is janine@janinetheraven.com. Please include "math" in the subject.

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