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I know you think this should be Dave Parker's home page, but I learned HTML first.

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Sonnet #1

To Dave
Shall I compare thee to a charmed psi?
Thou art more narrow and more resonant.
Uncertainty doth widen peaks of chi,
And background fits show all too great a slant.
Sometime the stable proton doth decay,
And violated parity we see.
The SU(5) will not in order stay,
When TeV's do break its symmetry.
But thine excited state shan't fall to ground,
Nor shall strange currents drain thy charm from thee,
Nor shall the strong force claim that thou art bound,
When quarks become free, asymptotically.
So long as bosons spin and muons flee,
So long lives this, and this gives mass to thee.

I wrote Sonnet #1 in 1981, when Dave and I had just started dating.

This home page was created by Dave's wife.